Five Ways to be More Sustainable in the New Year

Five Ways to be More Sustainable in the New Year


The New Year is here! I can’t believe it’s 2022. A new year means new goals! One goal I have for myself and for the world as a whole is to take more steps to sustainability. Being 100% sustainable isn’t always attainable, but making simple changes really does make the biggest difference. Here are some things I’ve personally done or want to do in 2022 to be more sustainable:

Five Ways to be More Sustainable in the New Year:

  • Switch to wool dryer balls
    • I personally have never used dryer sheets, but if you want to be more sustainable I highly recommend wool dryer balls. I have some and i love them! They are non toxic, hypoallergenic, sustainably produced, and they can cut dryer time by 20-40% saving on one of the biggest energy hogs in the house! I currently use the wool dryer balls from Molly’s Suds. Wool Dryer Balls Statistics Via Green Detective
  • Thrift your clothes/home goods
    • I could go on and on about how amazing thrifting is. Not only are you saving yourself tons of money but you’re helping the environment while doing so. If thrifting isn’t your thing, I highly recommend shopping small or finding sustainable brands that care about their impact on the world.
  • Switch to reusable zip pouches
    • Ditch the zip lock bags! Why waste your money on ziplock bags when you can have a one time cost for reusable zip pouches that keep your items fresh and last for years to come! The ones that i use and love are from Boon Supply. Boon Supply Reusable Zip Pouches
  • Grow your own produce
    • This is something i am aiming for in 2022. I personally think this would be a fun project but also think of all the money you can save! By growing your own produce you can ensure you’re not using pesticides that will contribute to water and air pollution.
  • Use reusable cups/straws
    • Ditch plastic water bottles and straws in 2022. I always have at least 3 reusable water bottles lying around and an abundance of glass straws. I’ve been obsessed with glass straws because I’m a weirdo who needs to see the inside to be sure its clean. They say all girls need an emotional support water bottle so I am standing by that all of 2022. If you need an aesthetic water bottle this one is perfect-Aesthetic Water Bottle

Happy New Years! Here’s to a year of sustainable living. Let’s take care of our planet because like they say.. there’s no Planet B.


Picture via Margo & Me